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SDSU Solutions Journalism

The Road to Equitable, Human-Centered Transit

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SDSU Solutions Journalists identified several issues pertinent to student wellbeing and academic success. They chose to focus their team project on public transportation - getting to and from campus. We identified key areas of concern regarding public transportation including the dominance of car culture, perceived issues of safety, accessibility, and the (dis)ease of using apps and navigating bus and trolley schedules in areas outside the urban core. We also spoke with former SDSU students currently living in other cities and countries, asking them to compare their public transportation experiences there with what they experienced while at SDSU. Students reported on insights gained from research on previous responses to problems. They produced visual and other qualitative evidence of those problems and what community members felt were viable options for solutions. They also wrote about the limitations of potential solutions. The project was approached with enthusiasm and excellent collaboration.

Traffic Jam
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